La Hulotte Encordes - Le Bousquet 81200 MAZAMET

   Welcome to the Hulotte

In the Tarn, in the Midi-Pyrénées, on a 4 hectare property, in border of the forests of the Regional Park of High Languedoc, make an immovable journey in the real caravan, wooden sculptured hand.
In 150 m of our house, at the end of a path(way) lined with an orchard, on a meadow, to live in the middle of the nature, to snuggle up under the braid, in a warm alcove, to listen to the summer rustle of the nights.
Under fig trees, taste(savour) a local wine, around the swimming pool, have breakfast under the pergola of clematises and pink(roses) or in the hut of garden, covered with Virginia creeper, with jams, honey and fruits of the garden.
Make a grill of white sausages and peck at cherries, at raspberries, at plums in the meadow. Discover our garden and our kitchen garden, without treatment(processing), which(who) obtained the 1st price(prize) of the gardens of the Park of High Languedoc; leave having a walk in the quite close forest, collect(harvest) mushrooms, blueberries and cross roe deers; bathe in the lakes of the Black Mountain or in the spring water of the swimming pool.

And, by taking the car:


Have a walk in the immense forests of sweet chestnut trees, beeches, fir trees, populated with animals and strewed with lakes; fork(turn off), a little, to go back up(to raise) the history(story) in the medieval cities(estates) of Hautpoul and Carcassonne;
Reach(Affect) the Peak of Nore, on 1210 m, (4 am of walking(step) of the caravan) to admire the view(sight) on Pyrenees, the Mounts of Lacaune, the Valley of the Aude, the sea in clear weather.


Towards the East:
Cross the vineyards(vines) of Minervois and enjoy its wonderful wines;
Arrest(Dread) the Cathar history(story) through the castles of Lastours, up to the beaches(ranges) of the Mediterranean Sea.

Taste(Savour) renowned wines of Gaillac, go to visit the Episcopal City(Estate) of Albi, heritage(holdings) of Unesco.
Borrow " the Road of the Pastel ", through the Land of plenty, to admire the old dovecotes;
See the Capitol, the City(Estate) of the Space, the chain(channel) of Airbus, in Toulouse, the " City Rose ".
Or, simply, come to dig up a book, in our library(bookcase), and to meet us, in our big house of 18 ème century.


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